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Miranum CLI Overview

If you are a fan of the command line, you can use the Miranum CLI to create, generate and deploy process artifacts. The tool is available as a npm package and can be installed globally on your machine.


You need to have Node.js installed on your machine to use the Miranum CLI. Node.js comes with npm, the Node.js package manager, which we will use to install our CLI tool.

To install the Miranum CLI, run the following commands in your terminal:

Make sure npm is installed on your machine:

npm -v

Install the Miranum CLI globally:

npm install -g @miragon/miranum-cli


The Miranum CLI provides a set of commands to create, generate and deploy process artifacts. We will explore some of these commands in more detail in the following sections.

Create a new Project

The generate command to generate a new project knows three options:

  • -n, --name - The name of the project
  • -p, --path - The path where the project should be created
  • -h, --help - Show help

The following command will create a new project with the name my-project in your home directory under the folder my-bpmn-projects:

miranum-cli generate --name my-project --path ~/my-bpmn-projects

Generate a Process Artifact

The generate-file command to generate a new process artifact knows four options:

  • -n, --name - The name of the artifact
  • -p, --path - The path where the artifact should be created
  • -t, --type - The type of the artifact
  • -h, --help - Show help

The following command will create a new DMN Decision Table with the name my-decision-table in the project folder my-project:

miranum-cli generate-file --name my-decision-table --path ~/my-bpmn-projects/my-project --type dmn

The supported artifact types are:

  • bpmn - BPMN diagram
  • dmn - DMN Decision Table
  • form - Form
  • config - Configuration file


The deploy command to deploy a process artifact knows three options:

  • -d, --directory - The directory where the artifacts are located
  • -t, --target - The target environment to deploy the artifacts to
  • -h, --help - Show help

The target environment must be configured in the miranum.json file.

The following command will deploy all artifacts in the project folder my-project to the local target environment:

miranum-cli deploy --directory ~/my-bpmn-projects/my-project --target local