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Showcases Overview

Welcome to the Showcases section of the Miranum Connect documentation! This is where we provide a deep-dive into more realistic applications that have been implemented using the powerful capabilities of Miranum Connect.

This section features a range of sophisticated project examples, each illustrating a unique use case or application of the Miranum Connect framework. Whether it's leveraging specific technologies, adopting unique software paradigms, or tackling complex architectural approaches, each showcase encapsulates a different facet of what's possible with Miranum Connect.

Our showcases serve as practical guides that will help you understand how to effectively apply the features of Miranum Connect to your own projects. They offer invaluable insights into how the various components of the framework can be combined and utilized to solve complex business problems. Each of these showcases takes a different approach, highlighting the flexibility and wide-ranging capabilities of Miranum Connect.


Each showcase listed here provides in-depth documentation, including the step-by-step process of building the project, the key features of Miranum Connect used, and the specific technologies and architectural approaches employed.

Pizza Order ExampleCamunda 8This example demonstrates how to use miranum connect and how you can decouple microservices using it in a realistic pizza order application.
Miranum Stack ShowcaseCamunda 7 & 8This example demonstrates how to use the whole Miranum Stack to automate an order process.

By studying these showcases, you will gain a more profound understanding of how to leverage Miranum Connect's features to their fullest potential. They are also a great source of inspiration for your own projects.

Dive in and start exploring!


Make sure to revisit this page as we'll be continuously adding more showcases demonstrating the versatility and power of Miranum Connect in different scenarios.